Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ear Bonnet Project 2.0

Things are going well with my hip but I'm still taking it easy. Even when I'm allowed to drive the next three months I'll be going slow. I'm used to running around, seeing people, working horses, and in general being out of the house all day. That won't be a good idea for months. My energy needs to be focused on work, PT, my family, and horses not my usual on the go lifestyle. My ear bonnet project has been a fun way to keep me busy while I'm on house arrest. And I love that when I get bored of one color scheme I can just tear it apart and make a new one. 

Currently I'm perfecting get best way to remove tassels from the premade bonnets as well as which stitches come out looking balanced. I've been stalking bonnets online for ideas. 

One of the minions loves pink and has her first horse trail this month. Her vest is blue so I used the blue sparkly yarn for trim. The blue is so dark it doesn photograph well but the trim is a cute pointy scallop. It was fun to make once I figured our how to do the point. I planned on sewing the pink crystals but glueing is going to work better. I'll finish it once I get the right glue. 

I made a green one for Dickie that is probably my favorite. The only problem is it was the first one I took apart so I ended up removing a little too much on one side. I covered it up pretty well but I'm hoping it doesn't bug me too much. 

I wanted navy blue because Dickie has a blue pad and I'm giving a navy one to my trainer but one of my blue bonnets was royal. I love love royal blue but I don't have a royal saddle pad! Good thing the tack sale is around the corner. Dickie is going to rock the blue and pink. I added a navy trim so I might be get away with using my navy and white pad. 

I'm in the process of a do over for the brown and turquoise pony chapeaux becuase I'm much better with my basic stitch. They tend to get stretched out as you work so after I'm done I get them wet and scrunch them back in. They also have some irregularities in symmetry so I've found tightening things with a needle and thread helps the finished product. The blue and green are the only two I have 100% finished. They were wrinkly and stretched like the brown one below until the final wetting and evening out process. 

Im looking forward to a mini outing to the craft store today! It's in the radius I can handle driving at this stage. That could be dangerous. 


  1. Very cute, you guys are all so crafty!

  2. LOL look out craft store!!! I'm glad you're able to get out and about some now. The bonnets looks fantastic!!