Monday, September 15, 2014

Pony Art Project

I have been following the wonderful horse blog She Moved to TeXas. A few weeks ago she showed her homemade crocheted ear nets. I was inspired because I love ear bonnets. Dickie has one to show in but I don't have any everyday ear hats. The problem is I Iust over the fancy ones with all the colors. The other problem is I can't bring myself to spend 20+ bucks a piece. 

The logical conclusion would be to make my own ear nets. However, I know that I would never have the patience to crochet the same stitch over and over. I come from a family of gifted knitters and they have tried. My grandma taught me when I was young. We have both tried over the years and it never works. I lose attention a few rows into the project and angrily quit. I haven't considered picking up any sort of needle since I was a teenager. 

But I started thinking adding borders to pre made bonnets might be up my alley while I'm recovering. I do like making things (I'm just a big brat and don't want to do it unless it's perfect) and I'll have a lot of time on my hands. This would appeal to my love of instant gratification because I'll have a finished product in a few hours. Another big bonus is the fact I can change my colors anytime. 

Stateline has ear bonnets like the one above on sale for under $5 so I stocked up. Buying yarn and piping does increase my start up cost but it takes hardly any yarn to finish a bonnet so it will last long time. I plan on making a few for Dickie, Bre, and friends. The ear hats I ordered have tassels but my friend took the tassels off and they look great. I have two orders out and my first one came today. It's a light reddish brown and it's meant for my minion's red dun. 

Turquoise is her color so I picked that for the first trim. I'm not sure I love this particular stitch but I was pretty happy with it. I love the contrast. I bought some off white yarn with gold strands to that I used for the final border. I can't wait to try it on a horse!! The rest of my bonnets come tomorrow. I have a few trim colors, some piping, and pink rhinestones. 

My iPhone doesn't pick up the gold flecks very well. I think it's a good color combo for a red dun. I have ideas for how to make my stitching look more even the next time around. I can't wait to play with the colors. 


  1. That looks really nice! What a great idea!

  2. That is so cool! I never thought of embellishing them. :D I'm glad you found something to keep yourself occupied with.