Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tack Shopping

II've been off work for 2 months and it took one month for disability pay to kick in. When it did I decided to make a few pony related purchases. I won't be able to ride until December so I want new ideas for ground work. I also need better lines for ground driving Dickie. My first purchases were long lines from Dover and the book Horse Training in Hand. I worked Bre in hand quite a bit when she was young but haven't done much with Dickie. The book is wonderful and I would suggest it if you are interested in furthering your in hand skills. 

After making a small splurge my mom sent me a chunk of birthday money. It was enough that I felt like I could buy myself some fun presents. I knew I really wanted supplies for more ear bonnets as well as a few more colors so I stocked up. I have a few green, blue, pink, red and black. 

Stateline was my best friend becuase the ear bonnets were on sale for $4.40. I just about fainted with joy when I saw kerrits sit tight n warm tights for half off. I've been wanting the knee patch version of this breech but they are so expensive. I bought full seat ones last year but hate the feel of the full seat material. They are so warm and cozy though I still wore them all winter. I don't even need long underwear riding outside on cold days!! I also made a big splurge and got the saddle pad in the photo above. I loooove saddle pads and wish I could have bought ten more. 

I've ended up with multiple packages all week. I made the Dover order before I knew I could make a mom sponsored shopping spree. I can't wait to get my dover stuff on Friday. I have a few ear bonnet related packages coming too. I found some cheap cord and rhinestones for trim. 


  1. I have the same purple pad. It's like a million years and still going strong. Love it!

  2. I have that book and I love it!! Happy birthday! Getting packages all week long is so fun! :D