Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Up and Cruisin'

This post is late. I wrote it over the weekend but for some reason it didn't post: 

Thursday was long day of pre-op appointments. I met with PT in the morning. I have a long list of excercises to start on ASAP. The first two weeks are primarily passive range of motion therapy. I'll need a helper to rotate and stretch out my hip joint. I'll also be using a continuous passive motion machine six hours a day. My leg sits on it and the machine flexes my hip joint. Every hour I increase the degree from 40 to 90. 

After physical therapy I met with the short stay team to make sure I didn't have heart conditions, airway problems, or anything that might make surgery exciting. Last stop was my surgeon's physician assistant. She reviewed everything with me and I signed away my life. 

Friday I had to check in at 600am and was first up at 730. I was nervous because I don't have much expirience being on the receiving end of the knife. Overall I was just excited to finally be getting better. 

The nurses and anesthesiologists were wonderful. I opted to for the nerve block and was worried it would be as bad as the cortisone injection. Before I could get myself into a tizzy they gave me happy drugs. I'm a cheap date and 15 seconds later I was cracking jokes and telling them they could do anything to me. My vaguely remember watching the nerve block on an ultrasound screen and being wheeled into the OR. I do remember I was still laughing and thinking I was pretty much the funniest thing alive. 

Two hours later it was all over. The only pain I had was my back. During surgery they put my op leg in a boot then hang a weight off it. This stretched my hip out just enough to fit the camera and tools in my joint. I have two small incisions that are currently covered by a waterproof bandage. Sunday I can peel that off and shower. 

I spent Friday high as a kite between the anesthesia and dilauidid for pain. I had almost no pain and would have been cruising if I wasn't so drunk. I hopped up right away out of surgery and was sure I could have driven myself home. Thank god my girl loves me even when I'm drunk on pain meds and sassy. I cruised up the stairs alone when she turned her back becuase I'm INVINCIBLE on pain meds. 

Between my girlfriend and our little dog I've been in the best hands. I've been spoiled rotten. I could get used to this. 


  1. Woo hoo! Glad to hear it went so well, and that you enjoyed your pain killers so much lol. Hopefully the good progress continues.

  2. oh wow. I hope that the healing goes very well!

  3. Well you're sounding super perky!! I'm glad it all went well so far.

  4. I hope that you start feeling better soon! I'm sure that it will take a long time to heal up from that type of surgery. In the meantime, enjoy the spoiling :)

  5. Yikes that PT thing looks like a torture device!! I'm glad surgery went so well. :D They would have to give me happy drugs too because I would have been freaking out. I went with my husband to the hospital once when he cut his hand really bad and I almost passed out..... there was nothing wrong with me lol.