Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Above and Beyond Full Care

I started the new job recently and finally moved from hours of boring computer training to actually caring for patients last Weds. It was really marvelous and I am so grateful to have found such a rewarding career. The job market for new nurses in Portland is currently very difficult and I can't believe that I was offered the best possible job before I had even graduated.  I had initially thought I would work in inpatient psych but to be a well rounded nurse I really need some general med/surg under my belt. I have landed on the most wonderful unit. I love complicated, a fast pace, and feeling part of a team. The nurses on the transplant unit are amazing. Kind, funny, quirky, and patient.  And I can't tell you what a privilege it is to share my patients journey through wherever life might take them.

After working two day shifts I was given a full week off to get my body used to graveyards. I am progressively staying up later each night so I will be sharp by the time I get to work on Friday. I had grand plans of spending every day playing with my ponies this week but a summer cold ruined my party. I woke up Friday morning covered in snot like a 2 yo, then spent Saturday moaning dramatically on the couch. At this point I am at least not whining with every move but I am still coughing up upleasant things so I haven't made it out to the stable. It is times like these that I feel extra lucky to have found such great stables.

Bre lives at a private home with a big stall, run at night, a sexy boyfriend named Romeo, and acres of pasture during the day. As if that isn't good enough the family loves her like ther own. I think that Bre loves them more than me and I am 100% fine with that. They feed her treats, kiss her on the nose, tell her how pretty she is, and ride her. She loves the whole family from the kids, to the adults, to the dog, and the chickens. From the day she walked out of the trailer she acted like she had always been there and owned the place. She just got herself a young lady to lease her and thinks Maddie is the cats meow. When she decides someone is part of her herd she will do anything for them. It makes me feel so good that even when I am sick, working 12 hours shifts (or non existant during 2 years of RN school) Bre is spoiled. I am always shocked when Bre still comes running to me with a nicker because she has it so good when I am not there :)

I am happy to say that Dickie has landed at a wonderful barn too. He lives just a few blocks down a private drive from Bre and a boarding stable. There are only six boarders, an indoor arena, big stall with a nice run, and acres of pasture during the day. He has three boys he goes out with. Harley is his very best friend. Harley is a chestnut paint and whenever I go out there the two are joined at the hip. The only complaint I have is that he has gone through several fly masks. The daily entertainment is for Harley to take off his fly mask then they carry it around together like a trophy (if anyone has tips on keeping masks on naughty boys please share!!). The BO loves Dickie enough to look for it but finally the rascals managed to hide the last one. The BO is amazing. She gives Dickie love and has been texting me photos and updates while I am sick. She is used to big youngsters (her last horse was a 17Hander who she raised from a baby) so I trust her completely. She has been working with him on leadrope manners and said he is a gentelmen. By all accounts he is being well behaved and everyone loves him. Apparently part of his routine is to come into the pasture closest to the barn to visit whenever people are around so she leaves the paddock gate open so he can get into the barn for social hour. I think it is adorable that he will make his way through the maze of the big pastures, through the dry lot next to the barn, find the one paddock that is open, and go into a stall just to hang his head in and see what the people are doing.

I think when we are looking at barns we should always take into account our weaknesses as owners. One of mine is that realistically I can't be out there every day. Even now that I am out of school I will be working 12 hour shifts. I will have stretches of time off but there will be days when I can't make it out because I am catching up on sleep. I know that about my lifestyle so I have found places that my horses will be happy in whether I make it out or not. They get to be out with other horses and play so their little minds keep busy. I feel incredibly lucky that they have barn owners who love on them even though I know "full care" doesn't mean they are expected to dote on them. But dote on them they do, and no words can express how thankful I am for their type of full care.

I can't wait to get out there tomorrow and at least get some nose kisses in.

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