Monday, July 16, 2012

Drama queen

If my entry for the day is a bit disjointed I is because I wrote it on my iPhone. We had such an amazing session tonight that I had to give an update on his progress. Yesterday I stopped by to work with the boy before heading off to see the country classic. He has settled in to his new home and is feeling sassy. We went into the arena to work on some basic ground manners. I discovered that he really likes to bite. He bites his lead rope, he carries his fly mask like a trophy after getting it off, and he thinks it is his right to bite my sweatshirt when I am wearing it. When we went into the arena he started right off annoyed because I laid down the law that humans are not lunch. In addition I had the nerve to actually make him work. All of this resulted in a royal tantrum rearing and all. He's a smart boy though and realized pretty quickly that he was wearing himself out and I will still standing in the same spot not even breaking a sweat. We ended the session as always with lots of love and scratches

Today he showed me what an amazing smart boy he is. We went for our regular walk up to Bre's barn. We usually have a two year old moment when going past the pomeranians that puts my poor toes at risk. Today he remembered how to move away from me instead of expecting me to carry him. At the arena there wasn't even a trace of drama. I suspected he understood what I was asking yesterday and was just objecting. He was a dream. He move his front legs over, lunged at a walk, practiced standing at the mounting block, and let me sit on the top of the arena above him. He seemed to truly enjoy his job tonight. Our walk home was the best yet. All of the cows, goats, sheep, and dogs were out being extra noisy tonight and he looked to me before deciding how scary things were.

I love how smart my boy is. I also love that he not above a temper tantrum here and there. I like a challenge and some personality in a horse. He has enough personality for ten horses. I wish I had new pictures but he's so in your pockets that all I can get is a nostril.


  1. Hehe! You can post nostril pictures. We don't mind. :D Chrome is a pocket pony too. He is starting to get a little more independent as he gets older, but he's still a cuddle bug so I'm happy.

  2. I have a few new pics u need to post. It's been hard to get new ones because he was a bit pushy this week and I needed both hands to save my life.

  3. That should have read "I need to post" dang iPhone keyboard.