Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Baby get's his first very own blanket...

Dickie has done great with his borrowed blanket. I am shocked!!! I thought for sure I would be buying a replacement within a week. The only mishap is a broken snap and I am not sure it was 2yo destructo related. I decided that I was pushing my luck and it would be best to get him his very own blankie before he wrecks Josey's.

Stateline had a sale and I was able to get a 1200D blanket for under $70 bucks with free shipping. It couldn't have come at a more perfect time because the one he is wearing just started leaking today. I put his new blanket on tonight and it fits great. Saxons can be shorter in the back, narrower, and have less belly. This is exactly what he needs!! He is tall but still very babyish so he swims in blankets with a roomier cut. I would suggest the Saxon's for those of you with narrow baby's. They look great on arabs too. He looks quite fetching in the purple plaid. I know he will outgrow it by next year but it will fit Romeo so it won't go to waste.

Next week I will be taking some blankets to the laundry with Nikwax in hand. We were really bad and didn't wash anything last year. Romeo and Bre both got Rambo's blankets at the end of the year and they looked clean. It was sheer laziness that prevented the back up blankets from being washed. I used to rewaterproof every year but didn't waterproof Bre's back up blanket for a few years and it was a little leaky. Romeo's  owner was given a blanket that will fit both Romeo and Dickie so I want to get that one serviceable for a back up. By next week Josey, Romeo, and Bre's back ups will all be ready to go. Not having back ups is a sure fire way to make sure your main blanket gets ripped.


  1. I love this set! You can get the blackberry plaid in all the weights and in fleece, a bag and even for your dog! So thought about it for Josey!

    1. I might have to get a stable sheet for shows if they have one. Saxons are bad for round bellied horses. Can you imagine Bre or Josey with their bellies half covered. They would be very offended.

  2. wow, great looking blanket! I too use techwash- it does a fantastic job.

  3. That blanket is cute!!! I bet he looks very handsome in it!

  4. He looks very stunning in it I must say!