Monday, December 31, 2012

Romeo Rocks and Dickie Gets a Saddle

I had to slip in a little brag time for Romeo and his Girl. The new curb has been amazing but he still has a ways to go before being spot on with neck riening. I decided to show her my lazy trick for speeding up that process. Chuck the bridle and use a rope around the neck. It was so fun to see them changing stride lengths, weaving in and out of cones, trotting ten meter circles, and stopping. At first first she wanted to pull on it all the time but once she just trusted her seat and her horse it clicked. Four months ago he couldn't do anything but a stiff jog unless you had a crop and now look at them. I think they look lovely even in this blurry iphone picture. 

I have wanted to pick up a wintec close contact for a long time and I found one for a great price. Between the three (soon to be four) horses I ride and I hope it will fit one of them. I really want it to fit my two. I like trail riding in a close contract and prefer riding greenies in them. I know it seems weird to  want less saddle when horses are acting crazier. The one time a greenie really messed up my back was from a bucking fit in a western saddle. I don't like feeling trapped by my saddle when horses are up to crazy hijinks. I do love leather best but I am hoping that this saddle will work for Dinkus as his body changes. I have a little super cruddy one just for pre-mounting prep but it isn't anything I would ride in. I can't wait until it arrives and I can figure out what gullet we need. It is just about time for me to start getting on him..... 


  1. I hope you find the perfect saddle. Have a Happy New Year with great rides in 2013.

  2. Yay Romeo and Girl! They are doing so awesome and look great. :)

    And definitely yay for new saddle! I hope it fits both of them. :D I was surprised on the wintec I used on Chrome he was already the second to largest gullet size!! Sadly the saddle didn't fit me AT ALL so I can't use it!