Saturday, December 29, 2012

Holiday rush is OVER

I do love the holidays. I love the lights and all the family get togethers. It reminds me of just how lucky I am. However, I don't love how they always seem to mess up my routine. Since I have been working graveyard keeping to a routine is even more imperative. I have to be structured about when I go to be and when I get up. That all went out the window last week. I worked both Xmas eve and Xmas. That meant I was going in to work at 7pm and getting off at 730am. Trying to squeeze in family time and a normal day of sleep wasn't an option. I had Weds off but I was a total zombie from two days of working with just long naps as sleep. Then my riding student had her first day of high school eq practice on Thursday (a day I worked). Usually I stay up the night before work then sleep all day. Her practice was in the morning so I had to sleep at night and planned on just a nap before work. The practice was cancelled last  minute but by then my sleep routine was all out of whack. 

I ended up sleeping all day Friday (I was off at 730am) until about 5pm. I thought eight hours of sleep would be enough but I was passing out on the couch by 10pm. I was only awake for five hours so I am not sure what was up with that. But I couldn't keep my eyes open. I was trying everything. I slept like a baby until 7 this morning, fed the dog, read my book, then passed out until 10am. 

The moral of my story is Dickie was very neglected last week and I was filled with guilt. I won't say that Bre was neglected because the family she lives with spoils her rotten. Romeo isn't cuddly so Bre is the main cuddle pony. Bre gets more love than if she was at a normal boarding facility with me coming out every day. In addition to all the cuddle time, my riding student is working off lessons by grooming her and riding her. I know she still needs me but I have set up a situation where I don't have to feel bad when my time goes towards the youngster. 

Dickie is out on three acres of grass with two buddies, gets handled daily, and get loves from the BO and my friend who boards there. I know he isn't suffering when I have a week like last one. At the same time I love him to pieces and he lets me know when he hasn't had enough love. He might be a wiggly ADD fellow but he really likes his one on one people time. As soon as I got moving today I headed right out there. I called his name and he galloped half way across the pasture then stopped and stared at me his face said "Is it really you, are you coming to get me?" Then he tore the rest of the way across the field. 

We didn't do much because I have found he is offended if I dont' come out for a few days then immediately expect work out of him. I took him for a walk, made him pretty, and let him graze the extra yummy stuff by the barn. When I left he kept stopping and looking back to see if maybe I wanted to take him back out to the good grass. I swear he gets cuter by the second. It was such a nice day. I am happy to get back to my normal life of work, sleep, the honey, and ponies. Simple but it makes me happy. 

"They don't lie, the grass is greener over here."

"I might be eating grass but I am also watching your treat pocket."

"Must. Keep. Moving."

"Um, the hay is back there. If you take these ropes off I can help you eat that. "

"You realize many would consider forcing a two year old to stand still abuse. Someone call the SPCA and get me out of here!!!"
"More yummy grass in my pretty purple blanket. "

He was standing watching me get into my car to make sure I didn't want him to come back out and eat more grass. 


  1. Grayson has that same purple blanket!! I bought it off a friend who had a mare but the blanket was just too big! I think they both look very handsome! :)

    Grayson has never torn across the field for me but he will walk at his own Grayson pace...I'll take it! :)

    I'm also the same way when I don't see Grayson for a while...I sort've let him dicate what he's up to working on!

    That's so nice you have Bre in a good place where she gets's nice when you don't have to worry about them...I feel guilty too so I get where you're coming from!

    1. I just saw the purple blanket on grayson on FB. It is such a nice purple. At first I felt bad that I was putting my gelding in purple but there are two other geldings at the barn with this blanket.

      I think Dickie only runs to me because he thinks he will be getting food. It isn't love, just hunger pangs.

  2. I thought of you today when I saw how sunny and gorgeous it was out there... then I promptly fell back to sleep. Really cute post today!

  3. Yuck night shift sucks! My husband did that for years and it's no fun at all. :( I'm glad things are settling down and getting back to normal.

    Dickie is so cute!!!!! I love him!