Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Last Sarcoid Treatment (Win and Fail)

First the win part.......

Dickie's ear has continued to look amazing. If the hair wasn't shaved you wouldn't know he had a big ugly growth removed and caustic medication squirted into it. The vet agreed that it looks on track, she took the stitched out, and gave him one more treatment. It probably won't come back but I will keep an eye on it just to make sure.

Now for the fail......

I brought the horses in and Dickie was a little annoyed that dinner wasn't waiting for him but was happy to be inside visiting with the people. Then the vet showed up and his happy day was ruined. The second she wanted to listen to his heart he started kicking out and pawing his legs. Not only did she have the nerve to listen to his heart but she went after his jugular. EFF THAT!!! Was all he had to say about that. He threw the biggest tantrum I have ever seen. Rearing, kicking, pulling back... He put his whole big mad self into fighting the vet injecting sedative.

I have to say I love my vet and her assistant. The assistant was a superstar. I couldn't help much because it was a small space with a needle flying around. The vet and I stood outside the stall and help his lead rope. We just kept at him. We held him when he threw himself into a fit then released when he released. The assistant was in the stall with him convincing him the needle wasn't going to kill him. He's a pretty smart horse so he eventually figured out that the tantrum wasn't getting him very far and gave up. He gave us all a huge appy stink eye then took a nap. I am so grateful that they didn't get into a huge power struggle with him and that they were understanding of his age. The quote of the day was "Somebody is showing his spots today"


  1. LOL! I love the quote! :D I'm glad the ear is looking great and that Dickie finally chilled out lol.