Saturday, December 22, 2012

Work and Riding

I had my six month review because I am quickly approaching half a year working as a registered RN. The last six months have been very busy. I graduated from nursing school, brought home Dickie, and started a new job. They are all positive changes but it has been a whirlwind.

One thing that has become apparent is how hard it has been to keep up a horse routine with my work schedule. I am technically a part time employee which means I am only scheduled ahead of time for two shifts per week (three is full time). However, I need to work full time so from week to week I pick up an extra shift. Some weeks I get in my extra hours by picking up overtime. Other weeks I pick up last minute shifts. For my pre-scheduled shifts they make an effort to give me a break between shifts. However, when I pick up extra shifts sometimes the only option is taking a shift at the end of one set and the beginning of another. This means I might work five in a row or six shifts with just a day in between.

I am very careful about getting enough sleep and being on my game because my patients depend on me. My partner is also my priority. That means ride time takes third place. I do get out to see Dickie and love on him but I haven't had the time I want to ride Josey. I also know that once I can actually start doing real work with him I will be bummed if all I have energy for is brushing when I finally can get on him.

Soooooooooo I let me boss know that I really need more set hours. I am starting up school again soon (need BS in nursing) so it is even more imperative that I can plan my life. As of last week I am officially a full time employee. I will know my schedule two months ahead of time. I can plan ride times, flip myself to being awake during the day, know when I actually have time to show, plan weekend beach trips..... All the fun stuff that keeps you from getting burnt out.

I didn't realize how much having a variable schedule was stressing me out until I had a set schedule for two months sitting in front of me. I am sure I will still pick up the occasional overtime shift but doing it because I want a little extra cash is different than doing it because I feel like you HAVE to because I don't have enough shifts later in the month. YAY!! I am thrilled.

Watch out Dickie and Josey. Some hosses are gonna be trained!!


  1. Good news! Work often gets in the way of pony time, that is for sure. Even for me, and I have a set schedule. Congrats on the full time and set schedule :)

  2. That's great you will have a set shift now, that would be difficult planning ride times and your life otherwise.

  3. congratulations on more stability. It is much easier to plan riding when you know what you'll be doing.

  4. Great news that you finally have a set schedule. It will make planning your days so much easier.

    Have a very Merry Christmas!

  5. That is fantastic!! Having an ever changing schedule stresses me out too! I hate it. I'm so happy you have a set schedule now. :D