Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lesson #3

I had yet another lovely lesson today on pretty Callie mare. I have to admit that I wasn't at the top of my game today. My abdominal muscles are all worn out from learning how to ride again but they haven't quite had time to get stronger. Today we worked on three loop serpentines which are a simple basic training level exercises. However, riding them perfectly doesn't seem so simple. After bungling through the first few I realized I was forgetting move my outside leg back and was actually leaving my inside leg behind the girth. Callie's reaction to me getting my head out of my ass was to sit on her rear and get moving. Sadly my sorry out of shape ass couldn't keep up with her once I got her moving right. I had to go posting for awhile to let my non-existent abs have a wee rest. 

Once we had serpentines at the trot down we added canter. I love riding counter canter serpentines. I love riding when I feel like I have to be focused on every stride. Callie was a blast because she can be so flexible and her counter is unbelievably balanced. The first week her canter was a chore, last week so needed a little help with the whip, this week so hopped right into and went into work pony mode. We cantered at least half of the lesson. 

I am looking forward to our next lesson. I work the next two Tuesdays so I won't have lessons until June. 

If you want to learn more about Lippys check out this video from PBS, the clinician who visits my old barn is interviewed briefly. 

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  1. She is so beautiful! Your lesson sounds like fun! I can't wait until I can start taking lessons again. I thought I would get to in June, but now it's looking like I'll have to wait until we finish building our house. :(