Sunday, May 4, 2014

Busy Beavers

Life has been crazy for me so I've been a bad blogger. Usually I'm at least reading my fave blogs and I haven't even done that. Fortunatley I've still been riding so at least I'm not a total loser. 

My saddle saga has continued but I think it's finally over. The last time I blogged I picked up a gorgeous Black Country Ricochet for a song. It had grippy leather upgrades and wasn't even broken in. It made me feel like a tiger up there. It was snug on Dickie and I knew I would have to part with it in the not so distant future. Trainer wanted to borrow it because a student had a new horse and was deciding which saddle model she wanted. It fit her horse (fully grown and properly muscled) perfect. I decided I might as well sell it now and get a wider tree. She loved it and if I waited it might take me a bit to sell it. The replacement came Thursday and it's like it was made for Dickie. ITS A MEDIUM WIDE! Wtf? Who is this horse? The medium BC quantum sat on his withers at Xmas. The color isn't quite right but I can fix that. My hip is thrilled to be back in a ricochet after using my older back up saddles for a few weeks. If you are looking for a new jump saddle check out the black countries. They break in easily but the leather is tougher than the other quick to break in saddles. Advanced riders love them. And best of all far from advanced lilly liveried out of shape lose legged people like me feel steady in them. Usually cushy recliner chair feeling jump saddles make me feel trapped but I feel like I can get out of the saddle when I need to. 

Dickie continues to improve every day. Some rides are better than others of course but overall we just keep truckig along. He's turning into such a happy and agreeable saddle horse. His appy moments are few and far between (more on that soon). It is crazy to look back at where we were a year ago. I was barely riding him because he couldn't pay attention for more than five minutes. 

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  1. He is so adorable!! Don't feel bad for not blogging. It's better to be riding then to be blogging hehe. :D

    I'm soooo glad you found a saddle that works!!!! Saddle shopping is not fun at all.