Sunday, May 11, 2014

Product review Shoulder Relief Girth

When trainer was riding the spotted beast she used an ergonomic girth. He really seemed to like it. I did some reading and they make sense. For such a big oaf he's a sensitive guy so I wanted to invest in one of my own. None of my long girths were quite the right length so I needed a new one anyone. My first stop is always Ashley over at Diamond in the Rough Saddlery. She often has what I need used. She did have an ergonomic dressage but no long girths. She directed me to the shoulder relief girth at She had seen one in person and said they were high quality and half the cost of the big name anatomics

At the time they didn't have long girths and I ended up getting one from I sent it back immediately. The top leather was so stiff it would have cut into him. Lo and behold just as I sent the other one back the long girths came out at shoulder relief! I've been riding in it for over a month. It's fantastic! The elastic is thick brown. It won't show stains and isn't going to wear out. The girth is plenty wide and the part next to the horse is soft calfskin. I love it and Dickie does too! We've been in the wet outdoor and it still looks brand new. 

If you don't like the girth they offer a 110% guarantee. If you are itching to try an anatomic girth but can't cough up $250 bucks you will be more than happy with this girth. Heck even if you could afford the spendy one you will be happy with this girth. They even offer a discount on two girths. You can get two for the price of a brand name girth!

Here is the website:


  1. it looks lovely. How does it look on?

  2. It's just lovely on. It has 3 d rings. I love being able to attach the breast collar after I am all girthed up. I don't have any great pics but can get some the next time I am out. It is a little dark for my new saddle but I just darkened new saddle so I think they match now.