Monday, May 12, 2014


I used to love jumping. I haven't had the balls to do anything very high but I still loved it. My first mare was awesome. You just had to hold on and let her do her job. She was incredibly safe. She could jump just about everything but was smart enough to know when to stop. Bre was the same. She was as well trained as Belle and was honest, athletic, and safe. However, she jumped a bitch out of the tack. I always thought it was my poor coordination but when friends jumped her they agreed. She is one of those horses who looks smooth as glass from the ground but is like trying to stay on a trampoline. Great for a young person, not so great for a lily livered old lady rider. I realize I am not an old lady in age but I am quickly becoming an old lady in bravery on horseback. The last time I jumped her I got launched and crunched my hip. I got back on and jumped so I didn't leave the ride terrified or anything. I just didnt' get to jump much after that because I was on crutches for a few months then moved Bre to a barn without facilities to ride. 

Enter Dickie. In my mind I wanted a horse with potential to do low level eventing. I know that sounds kinda crazy when I haven't jump in years (yes close to four years) and I might end up hating it but I wanted a pony with the potential. I spent our first year on the ground wondering what he would be like. Would be a boingy mo fo like Bre or smooth enough for old me? When I finally got on I couldn't be more pleased. Even Dickie's bucks are smoother than Miss Bouncy Pants. Whether Dickie is organized or in baby discombobulation mode every thing about him is smooth. He isn't just smooth because he has flat little stock horse gaits. Boy has some power in that caboose. I had trainer jump him the first few times. I want him to be confident rather than having to deal with me face grabbing him. 

With shows looming in the very very near future I decided that I needed to pull on my big girl breeches and take the plunge. You would all laugh heartily because "the plunge" was a cross rail that probably didn't come up to my ankle bones. I AM SO FREAKING HAPPY!!! He was like jumping on a cloud. I think anyone could jump this horse. I am sure it will be different when we are going over things he hasn't seen yet but I think this guy is going to be just right for me. He's turning into a cadilac where Bre was a jag sports car. I liked my sports car but these days a caddy is a little more my speed. Hopefully we will be able to string a course together next weekend!!


  1. That is sooo awesome! I'm so glad Dickie is your caddy!!!

    1. It's scary when you get them as babies and you have no idea what they will be like as riding horses. Too bouncy, too fast, too slow..... I feel lucky he seems to be turning out just right.