Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Canter at F is Hard

Up until now we haven't done a ton of cantering. This winter he thought cantering in the arena was very hard for baby horses. We could do the long sides fine and dandy but we could get discombobulated once a corner appeared. Other than getting the basic canter command down I left it alone for the most part. I wanted to give him a chance to grow into his big galumpy legs and build up some muscle. Then we took time off from cantering to work on his quads at the suggestion of the vet. She suggested taking two weeks off of the canter and we ended up giving it a month. He's far more balanced now. He can actually do a 20 meter circle without sputtering out. He isn't super snappy about picking up the canter but you can feel him think about it right away and get organized. And there isn't a whisper of a donkey kick disagreement. 

I'm ground tie. That isn't a step you see me taking, I'm just stretching...

I signed up for a little combined training show (dressage + stadium) for a WT and WTC division. We have been trotting through the beginner novice tests but I decided to actually try the canter. Cantering where ever and stopping whenever are easy enough but being organized to get it done at the right spot is harder than it looks!! The test is essentially trot down the centerline, take a left, trot circle in center of the arena, pick up canter in the corner to a 20m circle, trot by the next corner, free walk across diagonal, repeat going the other way....... Entry level WTC tests always look so easy but Dickie says it is hard to pay attention for that long!!

I will ground tie but I refuse to refrain from watching you at all times.

Thursday we worked on the the centerline to center trot circle to canter. He's still pretty reluctant to go forward and turn (at canter) so we started out by just getting the canter where we needed it, leaving out the circle, and lengthening on the long sides. Once he decided that cantering was actually pretty dang fun we managed a few trot circle to canter circle to downward transition. I finished on some big canter around the arena just to make sure he was still confident about moving forward. Weak stifles make circle work hard so I want to make sure I give him the chance to feel confident. Things won't be pretty this show season but I am starting to feel like our tests might not be riddles with 0s anywhere than asks for canter.

Mule or horse?


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  2. Irish used to get all discombobulated on the corners too (and he has a weak hind end). Exercises that worked for us were:
    1. Trot circle and when he was relaxed ask for canter but not stay long. This helps them to believe that it's possible
    2. Half halts onto and put of the corner. It took me a while to figure out but irsh was convinced that the hh would make it worse and resist. But once I insisted and helped him t got much better
    3. Think ( and or do) a couple strides of leg yield before the trans. This gets them balanced on the outside.

    Good for you for showing. I can't wait to hear!

  3. It sounds like he's really figuring it out! I wish I had an arena... I still haven't cantered Chrome... I'm such a chicken lol.