Friday, October 19, 2012

And I am Riding (Even Breedle Dee)

I have been in horse heaven all summer with more horses than I have time to ride. For the last three years I have hardly ridden. I was taking prerequisites for nursing school then I actually got into nursing school. Before nursing school I moved her to a wonderful private home without trails. They put in an outdoor arena but it is fairly small so it his hard to do much in it with her big stride. And  frankly I just didn't have time. We could have had a huge private indoor with someone to tack my horse up for me and I wouldn't have been able to ride. I was worried that once I was done with school I wouldn't have a horse to ride to get in shape for Dickie. Boy I was wrong. 

Romeo's teenager has been busy with school and sports so I have been tuning him up. He has also needed a little retraining due to some misguided teaching. It has been super fun to ride him, come up with a solution, then teach it to his rider. I could teach her fine without me riding him but it has made the process go even quicker. I am so very impressed with her by the way. She learns quickly and is doing great things even when she doesn't realize it. What a relief that both of them are coming together. I can't wait to see them bring home some blue ribbons!!! 

My friend has the most adorable draft cross. She is draft/appy cross. She is half draft but not too bulky. Any of the bulk she has right now is actually fat (don't tell her that, we tell her she's sexy). She is arena green but has been ridden into the mountains and is so calm. She is just a joy to be around. However, she needs miles in the arena. She gets a little pissy when asked to trot, and wants to run into the canter. I think she has a ton of potential for dressage. Once she gets going she holds a lovely tempo. She just needs regular riding. I offered to ride her until she gets a good lease. It has been so fun!!! It has my creative riding juices going. I look forward to riding her and am sad when my ride is done. I can't wait to see how she progresses. 

 "I can smell the treats in your pocket. Mind sharing?"

"Oh s*$% my mom is getting tack out."

Last but not least, yesterday I got out to the barn early and the sun was shining. It was a wonderful warm fall day. I still had two horses to work with but I was running ahead of time. I looked at Bre and said "Why don't we go for a ride?" I just got a new(used) saddle that fits her like a glove. I have been dying to ride her since she got her Legend shot and acupuncture work. It was so fun!! I forgot how extra bouncy she gets when she has been adjusted. I think she loves the saddle. It was like I have been riding her all along. She was trotting around all stretchy and through her back. She wanted to get behind the bit a couple of times but this mare hasn't been ridden in a bit in at least a year. We had a better canter than I have had in years!! Yay for the Breedle. I really need to get someone to ride her regularly. She did great and seemed very happy about it. 

 "Um, there are apples back in the barn."

 "Am I cute? Can I have an apple?"

 "I didn't notice there was grass to eat in front of me"

"She won't let me go back and get apples, or get the grass in front of me. I guess I will pout." 

And Dickie didn't want me to forget about him. I had to put a picture in. How cute is he? He was trying to give me kisses where we were standing on a tarp. 
"I am just a little tiny baby. Cuddle me please."


  1. Yay for riding! Now that I won't be feeding/mucking anymore, I am hoping for more work time so I can get in the saddle!

    1. It's going to feel so good once you have more time. The trails will be great for both Shy and you. She will get more muscle and you will get more fun!!

  2. I miss riding.... again! I wish my friend would come home lol. I love the Appy/Draft cross. So cute! I'm glad you finally have the time to ride and have such fun horses to ride. :D