Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tack Sale Bonanza

In light of my last super intense post I thought it would be great to get something more fun out there (not that I regret the rant in the least).

Tomorrow is the semi-annual 4h tack sale. I have missed it for two  years due to nursing school. It always seemed like I had clinical or work. Tomorrow I have worked it out that I can briefly attend. I can't even put into words how amazing this even is. The 4h clubs and various vendors take over the county fair grounds. Pig sheds, arenas, cow barns, everywhere you can see is filled with used tack. You might find a perfect leather halter for ten bucks in one shed. Then again you might find someone overcharging for a moth eaten blanket but who cares!! It is all fun. Two years ago my friend bought a Schleese for $175 bucks. I have no idea how we got it. The people had other high end saddles so they had to know!! The air bladders were broken (and easily fixed) so maybe they thought it was ruined. I know I will never find that deal again but the elusive call of a good deal will always bring me back.

I do actually need a few things. I should list them so that I won't get stuff I don't need.
1) Stirrup Irons
2) Dressage girth with roller buckles.
3) Show breeches
4) Show shirt
5) Show coat (doubt I will find any show stuff in my size from the 4hers though)
6) Apple flavored happy mouth bit

I would REALLY like to bring home a helmet if there are any new dealers there. I have one but need one for Dickie's barn. I am not riding him yet but Feb isn't far off. Plus I have a horse I am ridng until he gets under saddle and it would be nice to use it there. I don't want to use my show helmet. I don't want to haul the schooling helmet I have back and forth because I will invariably leave it somewhere. I have a HUGE head so I can't just borrow a helmet. And I have to admit my schooling helmet is pretty nerdy. I got silver because I bought it when Bre and I were going on 5 hour trail rides in the sun. In my mind silver reflected the rays. I have my eye on a few helmets that I think will look stylish and won't break my budget. One can hope right?

The trick is I don't have much money so I can only get one or two things on the list. The problem with that is if you find your dream show coat right off the bat and blow your wad. Then you find the most amazing helmet for triple half off around the corner and your brain goes AHHHHHHH!!!

I will take pictures.


  1. Good luck with the tack sale! I can't ever seem to have luck.