Thursday, October 25, 2012

First Saddle Day

I haven't had a saddle on the goofball yet and decided it was about time to change that. I don't know why I haven't gotten around to it. He has been lunged in a surcingle with side reins jingling on his side. I have had saddle blankets over his head and a tarp over him. I wanted to make sure he was really mellow with new things before I got the saddle out. I figured he wouldn't care but I didn't want to take any chance that he would have a bad experience with something that will be such a big part of his life.  

He was out all day with the horses he will soon bunk with at his new pasture running and playing so I figured he would be in a good mental space to listen. I don't ride western but all I had was the western saddle I use for beginners on Bre. I recently picked up a great little dressage saddle but I have been using it at Bre's barn. 

I started out by setting the western saddle down in the round pen. I let him sniff everything and he decided the saddle pad tasted really good. He gave it a full on tongue bath. Mmmmm, Bre and Romeo sweat. Sounds yummy. I then put the saddle pad on his back, over his neck, and covered his face with it. His favorite part was when I covered his face because he got to smell the sweaty pad up close. 

I decided to put the saddle right on without the pad for several reasons. One is that he wanted to eat the pad and which made the process of putting the saddle up complicated. The other is the fact that I wanted getting the saddle up to be a really smooth motion. I figured that would be harder if I was trying to straighten a pad. I am not very coordinated with western saddles. He was very excited about the saddle. Western saddles have delicious stirrups and I allowed him to mess with them. It was pretty funny watching him try (and quite successfully) to walk forward with the stirrup in his mouth. 

We went for a little walk with some in hand trot. I held the stirrups out and let them fall on his sides. He didn't seem the least bit concerned about the whole process. Then I tied him up in his stall and left the saddle on while I picked his feet out. Happy mellow horse!!!

"Mmmmm this pad smells so yummy. "

"Something to chew on that goes everywhere with me!!"

"Look at me stand quietly in my stall like a grown up horse." 

"Wait, can't be too grown up. Must eat stirrup first. "

"Hi!! I'm a baby!!"


  1. So cute! He didn't seem to care at all, just was a curious pony. That is great!

  2. Gah! His facial expressions totally remind me of Grayson as a 4-year-old. Those ears are so cute in the last shot!

    1. Do you have another blog somewhere from when you first got grayson? I would love to see more about him. I can't believe how different he looks from when they saved him. He was the same age as Dickie in the rescue photos. Usually they don't grow much past two but your boy got huge!!

  3. He is soooo adorable! And what a pro about his first saddling. :D Chrome was very nonchalant about his first saddling too. He wiggled a little when I tightened the girth, but that's it. :) Dickie is going to be awesome to start I think. It makes such a difference when we put in a lot of time with them. And I'm with Julie, that last shot is so cute!

    1. It's easy to forgot what a baby he is because he's so big and strong when I am up close to him. Then I look at pictures and am reminded he still has the silliest baby face.