Sunday, October 28, 2012

I love Bre and fall trail rides.......

........ Especially when I get both at the same time.

Last week my friend (Romeos mom) and I had hoped to haul out for a trail ride. We have been making plans literally for years to go to mission park. Between nursing school and her kid's sports schedule it never seems to happen. This week yet again w just couldn't be gone for a full day. The only day we had time was going to be pouring buckets so we opted for a little ride around the block a day early. It was sunny and crisp withcolorful leaves falling

I am waiting for a part only saddle and western kills my back so I opted for bareback. This is usually fine but bre has a trampoline trot so I was hoping the horses would be mellow. Romeo was all fired up so she schooled in the arena. It ended up being a lovely ride. We went through the Xmas tree farm the across the mini creek. When we arrived at the mini creek it dawned on me that I'm not very balance with my back flare up and bre rounds up so much when jumping she will launch u. She was all snorty at dramatic at the sight of this miniscule creek so I suspected she might jump.  I got off and she clopped quietly through the creek without a hint of jumping, figures.

Turns out the days excitement occurred because of my poor coordination rather than equine antics.  The remounting had to be funny from my friends view. The bench I mounted from was slippery with moss so I couldn't hop on it. I also realized I have zero flexibility when my backs like this. Who thought bareback was smart?  Bre was a saint. At one point I was hanging on by the point of my elbow in her wither and was kicking her in the side. I could feel her try to take my elbow stab then she hit the reverse like she was trying to help me up. Speed reverse was in fact not helpful but most horses would have put me on the ground with all the flank and wither poking

I just love my horse. By nature she hates standing still and thinks a pebble in her shoe is torture. However, when she's asked to bre will tolerate just about any stupid situation I get us into. Young horses are fun but nothing compares to a dead broke horse that you've spent so many hours riding it feels like you were born there.


  1. Awww sounds lovely. Well other than the back problems and remounting issues lol. I'm glad Bre is such an awesome girl. I agree there really is nothing like a dead broke horse you've spent years with. I've been missing the Appaloosa pony I had growing up. Wish I could get her back, but they love her too much so I'd feel rotten even asking. Oh well. Chrome will be that way for me someday. :)

    1. She's such a treasure. I can't imagine the last decade of my life without her. Chrome will end up like that, I promise. Bre was a three year too once. And a wild one at that.

    2. I wish there was a like button for this comment! :D