Saturday, October 13, 2012

Guilt Making

I arrived at the barn after a long hiatus because of work and was greeted by a loud nicker. When he actually laid eyes on me he started rearing and bucking in the stall. My heart melted. It wasn't meal time so I know he wasn't just all excited over a pending dinner. He was actually happy to see me and go get into some trouble with me. I also felt super guilty. I wish I could be out there every day giving him love. However, I know I am doing the best I can by him. He has a 24 hour turnout, plenty of hay, toys, and people who are kind to him during stall cleaning time. There is enough activity in the barn that he has things to keep his mind busy when they come and go. 

When I got to his stall he was filled with energy and I thought he might jump on my head before I could get a halter on him and take him to the round pen. We have had a break from the round pen because when we lunge in the arena we can avoid always being on a circle. With those big growing legs/joints I want to make sure he gets a chance to mature without endless circles. 

It was the first day of rain in months and was also fairly windy. This, added with lack of work, made for a wild young pony. He decided that it would be fun to look for things to spook at. A pile of wooden pallets with a blanket on top was the perfect excuse. He was full of big snorts and sideways scoots. I walked up to to the blanket to show him I wasn't afraid. For the most part he will follow me everywhere even if he thinks I am taking him into dangerous territory. Whenever he seems scared of something I have been pointing at it and either giving him a treat after he touches it with his nose or putting a treat on the item. He now has the process down and carefully crept up on the blanket and touched it despite his better judgement then immediately turned to me, pricked his ears cute as could be, and waited by the blanket for his reward.

We had an eventful round pen session in more ways than one. First of all he really knows the drill now. When I tell him to get moving he gets the idea and will stay out on the rail. Occasionally he stops to see horses or people walking by but it is much easier now to get his attention back on me and to the job at hand. I love seeing the improvement in his attention span and how well he remembers previous lessons. He is still doesn't have a long attention span so I try to set him up for success and only expect so much out of him but I can see improvement. The other eventful part was his areal exhibitions. For all of his legs, high butt, and immaturity he is unbelievablely coordinated. He can rear, leap, buck, and still keep pace and keep on his feet. This isn't the usual crazy leap followed by a trip that you usually see in a young horse. He look solid and coordinated. He naturally wants to be on the correct lead and gets mad if he bucks and lands on the wrong lead. He does lovely flying lead changes all on his own. 

Ok, that's my ramble on the goofball for now. Tomorrow I have a few horses to ride. I am looking forward to it :)

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  1. Going by the pictures in the last post he definitely looks very balanced right now. :D Sounds like it too from this description.

    The story about him touching the blanket and looking at you for his treat is so adorable!!! They love being right. :)