Saturday, October 27, 2012

Human Clothing

So often I am posting about saddles and what my horses are going to wear. A few weeks ago it really sunk in that if I want to get into showing again I will need something to wear. It seems that my show clothing shrunk over the last few years (or maybe my waistline grew). That means I will need to get myself quite a bit of apparel and on a budget. Fortunately I still have my effingham field boots and a velvet helmet. It isn't one of the crazy spendy ones that are trendy now but I wouldn't buy one of those even if I didn't have a show helmet.

Here is what I need:

Show shirt: My old show shirt kind sorta would go over my waist but the girls won't even pretend it will button. I will do the occasional dressage school show and combined training even so I think a white one should be my first pick. I have never shown hunters but will be doing some halter and walk trot shows with the baby boy next year so I am thinking it would be fun to have a shirt with some color too. I love the blue ones or even pink. I am pretty sure I have a stock tie around here somewhere for dressage but am hoping since I am only doing schooling dressage that I can get away without it.

Coat: I plan on doing more than just dressage so I want a hunt coat. I really LOVE all the subtle plaids and pin stripes. There were Ariat coats on closeout in great colors but I missed the ball on that (if you are looking and in the size 16 and smaller range check Dover out). My mom decided to get me a coat early for xmas and I was thrilled when a Riding Sport coat came up on clearance (50 bucks baby). I will probably need to have a tailor work on it because my rack is bigger than my shoulders so I need to go up a size. I ordered in in black so it is more versatile.

Here is my new coat (isn't the blue shirt pretty):

Breeches: I have a white pair for the upcoming show in December. I will need some tan breeches for the shows I plan on doing next year. I do dread squeezing myself into breeches and figuring out which are the lease offensive. I need to be able to run in them since we will be doing halter to start. Can't I start a new trend of a black coat and BLACK breeches. 

Helmet: I have a show helmet that actually doesn't give me a headache. However, my friend is moving her horse to Dickie's stable so I need two schooling helmets. I really hate carrying them back and forth. Then I end up without a helmet where I need it. And I have a big old head and chin so it's hard to borrow a helmet. There are three extra's at Bre's barn but they are all tiny headed skinny asses there. The helmet I have currently is pretty nerdy. I got in in silver when I was going on five hour trail rides in the hot sun. It is comfortable and I still love it but I decided to get something slightly cuter for the new barn. It is a Lami-cell and a knock off of the fancy styles but seems to get good reviews. It has a dial a fit system which is great for me because I get headaches easy and my head seems to change sizes from day to day. 

The silver one is my old helmet:

This is my new helmet:


  1. I got a show shirt that was white with a subtle pin stripe. When I have my stock tie on for dressage/show hack nobody can tell what color my shirt is anyway so I went with conservative yet fun. Love the jacket you picked out!

    1. Do you know which brand you ended up with? I can't believe I am just now responding. i was having issues responding via my phone.

  2. I like your new show clothes!! You sure know how to plan well in advance huh? :D I can't wait to read all about your first shows on Dickie. So much fun! :D

    1. I am hoping if I just get one thing at a time it won't kill the bankbook. I plan on asking for a show shirt and breeches for xmas. The jacket has been difficult becuase the sizine was all wierd. Am waiting on a smaller size....