Friday, October 26, 2012

Fence Stringing and Blanketing

I spent a few hours stringing hot wire today. I wasn't sure when we would be moving because I didn't want to take him until he had buddies to hang out with. My friend decided to move her horse with me so we had to get the fences in order. That means we are now in a mad rush to get things in order before the 1st. I work the next four days so I wanted to help out with that and get all of my tack moved today. That way I can just focus on getting the herd settled in next week. 

He was out with two other horses yesterday and it made me so happy. One of the horses will be in his new herd. She is this cute little arab who was telling him who was boss. I drove up and got to watch him for a little while before he saw me. He was having a blast getting the other horses to play. Geldings are hilarious when they fake bite each other and whack their necks together. When he saw me he gave a huge whinny and ran up and down the fence line until I could get there. I was glad that he remembered me even though he was having fun with his buddies. 

Today I knew I was going to be around shuttling tack to the new place so I decided to see how he handles a blanket. I figured I could intervene before he got caught up in the straps if he hated it. I tried one on him before and suspected blanketing might not be an option this winter due to his oral fixation. I put it on today and crossed my fingers he wouldn't eat it. As soon as he saw it his little face lit up. He thought I put a full body toy on. At first he was so into what I was going in the tack locker than he left it alone. Pretty soon I hear an awful ripping sound. I looked into his stall and he was walking in circles like a dog chasing his tail trying so hard to rip the blanket. I told him no and his little face perked up like "Hey mom this is fun" then he went right back to destruction mode. Luckily the sound came from his teeth running along the blanket and not an actual tear. I took it off. He was two seconds from shredding it. I could hardly get it off of him. He grabbed it and he made me play tug of way with it like a dog. I have decided he isn't a horse. He is a giant Labrador retriever. I hope he doesn't get cold this winter!!! 

This was taken in the very far corner of the pasture. The oak trees are part of the pasture and make a great place to get out of the rain. 

This is taken from the same spot as above. The roof you see if where he lives currently. You can see the top rim of the round pen to the left. I can't believe we get to have pasture board in a herd AND fancy facilities!!

This is our adorable barn. There are five stalls. Four for horses (one for chickens). And we have our own tack room. It will be so great to have a place without distractions to tack him up in. Then I can head over to the main barn to get him used to chaos. 

Miss Breedle Dee having some yummy grass. 


  1. He is so totally a Labrador Retriever!!!! Perfect breed for him. :D I'm glad you managed to rescue the blanket. I think they have to be started really young to keep them from trying to eat them or wait until they are more mature and not so mouthy. The only time Chrome ever got cold was when he was five months old and just weaned. He didn't have a winter coat in yet and it was freezing rain. So he wore a blanket as a weanling, but he hasn't needed one since. I think Dickie will be fine. :)

    1. I'm hoping he is fine without a blanket. I do'n t think they blanketed him last year. I can't see how they would have. He gets to come in at night and has some thick trees to get out of the rain during the day. I am sure he will live.