Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Jump Saddle to be Shipped Soon :)

I lost the bid on another ainsley Chester and as annoyed as I was (I don't like losing anything) this one is much nicer. I was willing to bid on the one with a tear because it had been on ebay for over a months with no bid at $250 bucks. This one isn't much more and is in really good condition. It's still cheap enough that I can get money out of it (if not more). I would be hard pressed to even get a synthetic jump saddle at this price. I'll be antsy until it arrives and I can see if it fits. 


  1. I love how high the pommel looks! Yay for wither clearance!

    1. They get good reviews from eventers and fit high withered tb types. I think bobby needs one. Just sayin.