Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Mud Mud Mud

I live in the lovely Pacific Northwest. It was a bit drier this fall but the rains still hit and all those brightly colored turnout blankets are the same shade of brown. Dickie was not pleased that I decided his legs needed a serious scrubbing with tea tree shampoo. He looked like a tortured puppy dog. He will splash through cold mud puddles but warm water on his legs is completely offensive. 

I'm ready for the mud to go away. By the time I change out of my muck boots and get him demuddified I could have been halfway through a ride! Luckily the days are getting longer and spring will come back, it always does. Today it was even sunny on our ride outside. Stay dry everyone! 


  1. We had mud, now it's all snow. Lots of snow. Hopefully your mud dries up!

  2. I have to agree with you! One of the worst things about winter (and spring really) is all the mud. Ick! Dickie is adorable though. :D