Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Light Week

Soooo we had kind of a disasterious clinic (I promise more on that later) so I decided this week would be lots of gournd work and bonding. The day after the clinic I got out the yoga ball and we played soccer. He is super cute. I kick the ball then he bucks and farts like he's scared. Then I yell "Get it!" and I run at it. He loves to beat me there so he runs and leaps his way over there. He is very proud because he always beats me and pounces the ball with his nose in triumph. First creature to the ball of course gets a treat. I never win. 

The next day we just had grooming and pretifying. Trainer friend came after that out to ride him and he threw a royal bitch fit. Tried to roll with her saddle on, running off at the mounting block and a few other dramatic moves (more on that too later).

The next day was more fun time with momma. We haven't been for a walk in a long time so we took a stroll on a crisp sunny day. There is a dirt road loop that's about four miles total. My goal is to condition in the saddle on the loop once he gets a bit braver. So far I have only done about 3/4 of a mile out because this out of shape fatty wilts on the uphill walk back. Why is the way home always up hill?

We made it a mile and a half up the road and almost to a nieghbor who has offered trail access to us. He was a bit snorty but handled trucks zooming by and even one of those little tiny cars with a loud muffler. Then came the motorcycle. I already know motorcycles aren't his cup of tea but figured I could at least hold on to him while he pranced. Despite the fact that we weren't in a blind spot ont he raod, the light was great, and he had a 1/4 of a mile to spot us the ass hat continued to go well above the speed limit. Dickie tried to keep his shit together but asshat gunned it right next to us and the logical response was to jump in the road and "peace out bitches" flagging his tail like an arab. I took off after him, not before letting motorhead know my feeling on speeding, and huffed my fat out of shape self up the hill (his response "I didn't see you"). When we left for our walk I was freezing so I was layered in breeches, jeans, long sleeve shirt, t shirt, fuzzy vest, sheerling lined hoody, thick fleece socks, bogs (rated to -40F), and about 40 extra lbs of adipose tissue.  I seriously thought I was going to DIE running after Dickie. I called him, begged him, then said "Go back home Ill meet you there" Once he got to the top of the hill he miraculously waited for me. I am shocked he didn't go home because we were almost in sight of the barn. I waved jackwad midlife crisis man by once I got ahold of my wild steed. Luckily Dickie was much less concerned when he wasn't gunning the bike. He also seemed pleased to establish he could run faster than the bike should the need arise. 

I have to say that I was so sore the next day after our little jaunt. So sore that I decided I better work out and made myself even more sore today. I need to get in better shape or I have no business being on a horse. Unfourtunately for my waistline I opted for pizza and a homework marathon on the couch today. 

These three photos are taken in his "paddock". I checked the fenceline and I am always surprised by how big it is. It probably two acres. I'm also surprised by how much exploring he does and pathways he's created. 

I took this one on the way back from our walk. It was shortly before the motorcycle induced race home. 

On the way out I was flagged down by a high school student w a fancy camera. Her mom was driving her around the countryside taking "movement" photos. We obliged by running up and down the road for her when our attempts at standing still failed. It was great to see a teenager outside and with a camera that used real film. She didn't get copies but sent me this picture of a picture. I think she did a fine job with the barn in the background. 


  1. Scary!! I hate when that happens!!!! I'm so glad he was okay and I hope that stupid motorcycle driver learned a valuable lesson. I'm sorry the clinic was a mess.... I'm impatiently... err I mean patiently waiting to read about it. :) Oh and you're inspiring me to work out again so thank you... I've gotten very out of shape too.

    1. The clinic story is quite disappointing but I have plenty of cute pictures to make up for lack of good story.