Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sad State of Affair: Im Sore After a Simple Lesson

I am taking today off ponies before the term started. I know Ill never get to ride if I start off the term behind. As I rolled my lazy butt out of bed today I realized I am sore. WHATTTT!!!! We hardly did anything. And Frankie the horse was a saint and freely gave me everything I asked for.
So sad.

Here is just how simple our ride was: We had two poles on the ground. Just flat on the ground, nothing raised. One on a quarter line one on a 20 meter circle. We started out just walking and she zeroed in on my funky hip right away. I hadn't told her exactly how it held me riding back and she figured it out. If I am standing normal that right hip lines up several inches behind the left. We walked for quite awhile just working on getting my right hip to swing forward w the left hind. Then we did some trot walk trot walk transitions keeping that pesky hip straight and keeping his hind under him. Then we trotted a row of four trot poles just keeping smack in the center with even tempo (pony club 101 stuff) with a few downward transition then right back up to trot. Canter was last. Canter up over the pole on a circle then trot after two strides then walk after two strides, canter again two strides before pole. Then canter over the pole on the long side with some simple trot and walk transitions around the arena. Leg yield in on circle at trot then out then canter...All of that is super basic. Nothing fancy pants. How can I be so sore!!!!! Such a sad sack of a rider.

Ok back to homework, or maybe back to wasting precious homework time catching up on your blogs.

Frankie the saint horse who packed my lazy jello muscle self around. 


  1. Maybe using muscles you are not used to using? Happens to me sometimes.

  2. He's handsome! I get sore after a long break of riding or only riding at the walk. Heck I get sore riding my bike after a long break. I think I lose muscle tone quickly when I'm not actively working out lol.