Saturday, January 4, 2014

Training update

I have been at the new barn since August and it has made a world of difference. The arena is quiet. We usually ride alone but occasionally other horses are there so I've been able to see how he handles distractions. When I first arrived I had been on him a handful of times but hadn't been able to teach him much. Between the chaos of lessons and a jump packed arena it was impossible to have any semblance of consistency. I spent the first few weeks back at the basics of lunging and ground work. Then there was boot camp with the assistance if a local young horse rider.

It's been about four months and I'm so happy with where is he. We aren't cantering much but his strength is improving by the week. He will leg yield at the walk and can do a few lateral steps at the trot. He understands turning and stopping from seat alone. He tires out quickly but he can hold a nice frame at the trot and walk. 

We started some work in the outdoor and even hit the roads. Sadly it's been really foggy so the roads haven't been an option as much as Id like. Trot work on nice long straight lines are what he really needs right now. 

It's crazy to look back over the last year. Last January I was hoping to get on him soon. Now I can get on my baby horse and go for a ride like it's no big deal. I'm so proud of my sweet boy. I have big plans for us but for right now I'm cherishing where we are at. Starting a baby myself had been a long time dream and it looks like I accomplished it. Good job Dickie thanks for being in my life. 


  1. wow. fabulous update! I'm glad that it's going so well. you guys are an inspiration.

    1. Before you know it steele will be packing you around!! When I first got him it seemed like it would never happen. Now I wonder where my gangly horse went. I am not ready for him to grow up so fast.

  2. Aww I feel the same way about your comment to Teresa. Chrome turns FIVE in four months!!!! How did that happen??? It feels like just yesterday he was two and I couldn't wait to ride him. Now I have no place to ride, no one to ride with and I'm too scared to ride him off the property alone.... sucks! We will get there someday though. I'm so happy you moved Dickie and that the new place turned out so perfectly. :D