Saturday, February 8, 2014

Acupuncture Visit

My vet came out on Thursday to give Dickie an acupuncture treatment. I started using pressure poin therapy rather than chiropractic when a human chiro friend was training to work on animals. I liked the idea that my horses weren't getting manually cranked on. She was worked on most of the horses at our stable for free and it was crazy to see the results. Lame horses (mine one of them) were sound. Horses that never had a lameness issue were all moving like fancy warmbloods. When my Aussie slipped a disc and became paralyzed from the waist down we thought he was done for. She worked on him several times a week and he fully recovered. 

Sadly my friend went to work at a human/animal clinic in Boston so I was left without someone to work on my pets. I had a wonderful vet/eventer/acupuncturist in the area but she decided just to work on small animals out of her office about an hour away. I was SOL until I found out my vet just finished training with vet/eventer person. I saw results right away with Bre. It wasn't as drastic as when she had treatments as often as needed. I love my vet because she will watch the horse move and explain everything she sees. She points out where she sees uneven hip bones, tilted pelvis, slight even movement. 

I decided to have her take a look at Dickie since he has grown, slipped in the pasture, and had a variety of saddles on him. She also thought it would be great timing to look for tell take ulcer pressure points. A little over a week ago he was kicking if you touched his girth area and irritable a few inches past his elbows. When the vet came he could care less. No nipping, no kicking, not even a flinch. She was surprised because most horses at least under their bellies. He just watched what she was doing and wanted to know when he was getting a treat. She also found nada in his other muscles. That's a new one. Bre usually needs needles everywhere and even Romeo has sore spots. Apparently the Appy has muscles of steel. 

I lunged him for a bit. I really wanted to ride but I am still getting woozy spells from my ear infection. He moved nice and had his worker bee brain on. He still would rather kick out or break to canter but he looked pretty dang nice. Then I drove for three hours at 5mph because we had snow and people FREAK OUT when it snows here. 

If we even get one snowflake it means 24hr coverage and mass panic in the grocery stores. 


The cat stealing my blanket She got cold watching me shovel the driveway. 

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  1. good news about dickie! And my cat becomes very sleepy watching me work too