Saturday, February 1, 2014

Cause of the Raging B$@%*

Ive been exhausted the last month my usual allergies have been particularly out of control. I was sure I had a sinus infection before Christmas and self treated it with nasal spray and oral steroids I have left from my last sinus spaz out. I used to get a yearly sinus infection then about five years ago had nasal surgery and was I heaven for years. The old problem has been creeping up but in true nurse/horse woman fashion I decided to ignore fatigue and brain ache. 

Finally yesterday when I had dropped the f-bomb 20 and kicked the Pyxis machine all before even hitting the floor I decided it was time to concede defeat. I made an appointment with urgent care for 830pm and swung by after work. It wasn't too soon because my head hurt so bad by the end of the shift that eve the pressure of glasses on my face was killing me 

It turns out that I wasn't a total wimp. I have infected ears and sinuses. I feel like the worlds worst horse mom because I have abandoned him all week but all I want to do is sleep. I am still dragging and it is almost noon. I plan to have a lunch of antibiotics and sudafed. Hopefully that will perk me up enough to turn in late assignments. Thank goodness I don't work until Friday! 

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  1. Sheesh!!! That sucks!!! You aren't a wimp because I totally would have wimped out way sooner lol. I hope you feel better quickly!