Monday, February 24, 2014

In which Dickie jumps

Badass event trainer came out last weds. Usually she rides when I'm at work to maximize Dickie's ride time. We had planned in putting up some poles and maybe setting up a fence. That is a pain to do alone so for the next few weeks we plan to ride together. 

We gave him a good lunge session then she hopped on. He's getting quite fat after his ulcer diet change. He's moving better and there's almost no girthiness. He had gotten really bad at the mounting block and today was the rockstar we all know and love. I started working on mounting block manners from the day he came home. Even when he couldn't stand still in cross ties and needed to eat my clothes he could still stand solid at the block. Yay my horse is almost back!

Ground poles today Rolex tomorrow? Hahahaha

She got on and had an good warm up. He's been pretending like he has to hang out in one if the corners and objected to being told not to but got his work brain on. She took him through the trot poles a few times and he decided he could do it and carry a rider. At the end of three trot poles we set up a teensy fence w a canter pole over. He was game. He whacked his legs on it a few times but there wasn't a hint of hesitation. He said " rider points, I go over."  

Only a few moments like this. 

After he trotted over w few times without really jumping. The she worked on having him canter away. He was pissed and let her know because she made him come down to trot and switch leads if he picked up the wrong one. For all his drama over being told which lead to land on he figured it out quickly. When she took him through the other way he only picked up the wrong lead once the cantered away correctly like a champ and got to be done for the day.

It wasn't a long session and we didn't go above 18" but I was so happy with him. Even when he whacked his feet it was never the scary green almost fall and die tripping. He never refused forward or tried to duck out. Granted he had an eventer who has gone to Rolex on board but I was still pretty proud of him. Best of all a he looked mentally engaged and happy to play even when his baby brain was on overload. 


  1. Replies
    1. Shyloh and Dickie are going to have lots of adventures this summer!!

  2. That is so awesome! Way to go Dickie! I'm only mildly miffed at you for not getting video..... hehe!

    1. I wish I could get some video. My phone always goes dead there. And I get so busy talking to Cricket about what she is doing that I forget about my phone.