Friday, February 14, 2014

Tack of The Day (Best website ever)

If you haven't discovered Tack of the Day then you need to go there NOW. Or maybe not. Maybe you should just go there NEVER Run while you can. 

I have been following tack of the day for a few years now. My friend turned me on to it back when I needed a Rambo rain sheet for Bre on a mental health worker's budget. I was tired of blowing through rain sheets and seeing rubs in the spring. Ever year or so TOD has Rambo blankets. They are still a little spendy but often 50% off. For example they had the high end optimo 3 in 1 system for less than $200 and it's usually over $400. I got my weatherbeeta that runs over $200 new for $100 bucks. I'm currently hoping that a Rambo wug rain sheet appears. They seems to be focused on medium weight right now. 

They also have smaller items. I picked up a little cotton sheet for shows for $20. Last year I bought my first Kerrits ice fil shirt and fell in love. I was able to buy two shirts for the price of one. 

Most of the deals are amazing. Be sure to check out both the main and bonus item pages. Over the last year they started a Tack of the Day Too page. This page changes often. Sometimes they get closeouts or irregular items. They post something new every weekday by noon eastern. They do sell out so act quick if you know you want something. Sometimes over the weekend they will have big sales of a certain brand. 

I would suggest doing a quick search online of princes elsewhere. Every so often it will be an item you can find on closeout somewhere else. I've never found cheaper bu sometimes the price is close enough that I don't feel the urge to buy RIGHT NOW. 

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  1. That page is so dangerous to go on!! The one downfall is that their shipping is really slow.