Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I ranted two weeks ago about ignoring a sinus infection only to have it turn into a double ear infection. I took a day off work and after a week of antibiotics my energy was almost back to normal. And my head felt so much better. Sinus infections are insidious. They creep up so slowly you don't realize how shitty you felt until it was over. Then last Thursday night I felt a bit of a scratchy throat and figured it was just from being in my car for three hours in stop and go snowpocalypse traffic. Woke up at 2 on Friday w a high fever and have been battling the flu since then. 

Bre's barn owner has cheered me up sending fun snow pictures. It makes me feel so good to see her happy. Even if I am stuck inside at least she's enjoying life. I feel guilty for how shabby I've let her mane get but overall the old girl looks pretty good. She's kept her weight and is working in her summer coat. She's starting to get a saggy belly but she always keeps muscle like I've had her in work even though these days she only asked to carry a skinny rider for a few minutes maybe weekly. Spoiled she is. 

I'm looking forward to this weekend when I feed at bre's barn. Luckily I have a little slave staying w me who can clean stalls. And the place is set up for easy feeding. It will be nice to give the process mare a kiss on the nose.