Friday, February 7, 2014

Snow day

Bre lived in Alaska for several years so she didn't bat an eye. Romeo wasn't so sure he needed to be outside. This photo makes me miss long gallops in Alaska powder. 

The horses are staying in at Dickies barn. He has shoes and runs around so I don't want him to get snow ball feet and bow a tendon. Wish I wasn't working and could go crisco his feet to let him play. 


  1. Thanks For The Neat Comment Today! Was Quite Encouraging.

    Looks Life You've Snow As Well, And That You Are Used To It...Alaska!
    We Here In Oregon, Only Get out Every 5 Years.

    Hope Your Horse Does Okay With Those Shoes. I Love Having My TB Barefoot, No Worries.
    I'll Be Back!
    KK And WA Mare

    1. It's crazy we are having so much snow! Oregon never gets these big dumps. Love the snow hate the ice. I still wonder if i did the right thing by shoeing Dickie but he's doing so much better on the gravel.