Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Goals Schmoals

After I droned on about how Pippin won't have goals and timelines likes most horses in training. Pippins goals might be simple and lack a time. He still has some goals though. Whether it's my horse or someone else's I want to leave them better equine citizens. Horses live in a world where they are one paycheck form a kill pen. Even the best owners could die tomorrow in a freak accident. The best thing we can do for any horse is make them as well rounded as possible. 

Pippins goals while living at pony treat boot camp are simple
1) he can be haltered easily every day and led in and out. He was being haltered at the rescue but preferred trusted friends. To live at a boarding stable he needs to tolerate multiple people walking up and haltering him.
2) he will let anyone walk up to him and halter him 
3) he will tolerate being in a stall overnight with our stress. 

Those are achievable goals but there is no rush. We want to make sure he can do all of this without too much stress. He's an obedient little guy and we don't want to take advantage of that. It would be great if he was ready to love to a boarding stable by the time I'm ready to ride again but if it takes longer that's just fine. 

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  1. Well, Pippin might be my first student at Pony Treat Boot Camp, but so far he is getting an A+. He is well on his way to meeting all of his goals. AND he does so with an endearing APPYTUDE :) After today, I have no doubts he will pass with flying colors, or is flying lead changes...bwahahaha!