Monday, February 16, 2015

My Awesome Friend

I have many awesome friends but today I want to gush about one in particular. Several years ago I met her on a horse message board and pretty much said "You will be my friend. I will ride your horse and boss you around" and for some reason she put up with me. I make friends easily but I am also very happy being alone. Then sometimes I decide I like someone and am going to make them my bff right now whether they like it or not. So she was stuck with me and so was her poor mare. She has a gorgeous Appy Clydesdale cross.

The list of why she's cool goes on and on. She was always game for horsey adventures. If there were awards for getting deals tack shopping she would have tricolor blues all over her wall. She'll answer calls or texts at any hour no matter how ridiculous the problem. And best of all she's always up for happy hour (the kind without booze at Sonic)

I was heartbroken when she moved 3 hours away. Although sometimes I think it is best. We would probably collect fifty lame/starved horses and 30 ducks and everyone would have blinged out blankets. These girls like animals and we love to bling. We haven't met a saddle pad or half chaps that didn't need extra bling. 

When she left me, her awesome husband found a barn to lease. They have a cute house, an all weather outdoor, 8 stalls, Wash Rack, stallion pen, and two quarantine pens. I've watched her grow as a horse woman over the last few years and I'm so proud. I knew she had more knowledge than she realized and it's been cool to see her admit she's pretty dang awesome. 

She's been involved in rescuing horses for years and always wanted to offer more. Now she offers a stopping point for rescues coming out of then kill pen. She's fantastic with the horses who are shy and leery of humans. By the time she is done these horses are mugging for treats just like regular pocket ponies. She's also an expert in getting weight back on the skinnies. 

Of course she is the perfect partner in crime for helping a certain little appy become a successful equine citizen. Right now he needs unabashed spoiling. She can set boundaries if she needs to but her fave is a shy horse who needs constant treats and love. She might be far away but she's stuck with me. Horse rescuing, blinging, you can't keep us apart. 


  1. Ahhh, make me tear up! Not sure how I missed this post....

  2. Oh my goodness!! I must have a blinged out saddle pad! That is awesome!! I feel you on your friend moving away. I moved an hour away from my best friend and it feels like a universe away. I'm glad I'm not the only one who meets someone and insists on being best friend hehehe! I scare people away so bad with my exuberance lol!!!