Saturday, February 28, 2015

Pippin week two

When week two started he was still in the covered pen. One thing most horse people learn the hard way is moving too fast is always a bad idea. If she moved too fast by putting him in a bigger area it would end up with her chasing him around which isn't conducive to the whole trusting humans thing. Soooo he spent more time in the smaller pen. He was quickly trotting from gone far end of his pen as soon as she came out of the house. He was getting close to being ready for his own little paddock but baby steps first. 

He wasn't happy being stalled when he was first at the rescue and later had a stall with a run. Most horses need to tolerate being stalled without stress. He was also in a QT pen. When Pippin could sleep in stall like a big boy a lost soul from kill pen would have a place to land.  

He did fairly well the first night but was worried. He didn't like being brought in first and was anxious if all the other horses had their heads down eating. The next night she pulled down a few boards so he could always see his neighbor. 

Now he is sleeping in a stall just like a grown up tame pony. No stress. No drama. Every morning he's hanging his head out he door happily waiting for breakfast with the rest of the ponies. Every week blows us away with his bravery. 

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  1. That last picture is sooooo cute!!! I never thought of it before but I wonder what Chrome would do in a stall......