Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Other Babies

You are probably wondering how the other fur babies are doing. Bre is as pretty and perfect as always. She is going to be 17 this year. I can't believe she's almost 20! I started working with her as a 3yo and still love her to bits. She goes on the occasional trail ride. 

When my parents died I asked my trainer friend to take over horsemomship of Dickie. I stop in for kisses but she's making sure he remembers how to be a respectable citizen. He's been loafing around like a semi retired gentleman since my surgery. Poor guy is back to boot camp and so he will be fit by the time I'm ready to hop back on. It's meant a lot to have her working him because I get detailed updates and I feel like I'm there. 

Everyone is seeing the big mean vet this month to get spring shot and toofies done. Dickie has been his historically a little shit to sedate and the vet reported he was a good boy this time. They were wonderful and took care of him on their own. He's been pissy lately over bridling and they did find some sharp points. Hopefully he'll be much happier now 😊

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  1. Sugar solved Chrome's bit problems lol. His teeth are fine but I accidentally banged the bit against them and that made him hate the bridle. Sugar made it all better though and now he grabs the bit himself lol. I hope getting floated solves Dickie's issues with the bit. I'm glad they are both doing well!