Friday, February 20, 2015


Pinky needed a new name. He was named for his pink ball that he no longer has. While it is hitting that I have one horse named after boy parts Pinky needed something more fitting. Dickie is doofy and sometimes a bit of a dick (sorry baby it's true, and part of your charm). We handed namage over to other awesome horse BFF and ba da ba ....... Pippin! Pippin is the adorable sweet side kick from the LOTR stories. It also means "
a highly admired or very admirable person or thing." Pippin is the clumsy side kick in the books which doesn't really fit him (he's a careful gentleman) but he sure looks like a Pippin. And he is already admired by many so that fits. 


  1. ah yes but Pippen ended up being a hero....

  2. I love Pippin in LOTR! That suits him so much better than pinkie. :-)