Monday, February 16, 2015

The Little Spotted Guy's Story

In the summer of 2013 this little face showed up in a kill pen in northern Washington. He came in with a group of Appaloosas and Welsh Ponies. He was about 3, a cryptorchid stallion, and completely unhandled. This face reminded someone of a certain appaloosa we all know and love who came through the very same KP. Pony Up Rescue for Equines decided to be his angel and take him home.

He came in with a mare who was suspected to be his mother. In a short time he found himself away from the only world he had known. He was shy and not halter broke. The rescue attempted to use round pen work to connect with him When they didn't make enough progress they brought in someone to help halter him. They found he didn't have a mean bone is his body. He didn't try to kick or bite even in fear. Slowly they made progress. He tolerated a farrier and attention from people he trusted. He discovered treats. Just when the rescue made enough progress to send him for the complicated surgery needed to remove an undescended testicle ........peek a boo, the other ball came out to play. 

Two testicles meant an easier procedure so he was sent to training. He became a gelding and was started under saddle. He came back braver but still incredibly shy. The rescue continued to handle him and show him that people are good and trustworthy. Because he is so shy the appropriate home hasn't materialized. 

My mom died at about the same time my friend had an opening at her farm. My recently had to put down a kill pen rescue who was in too much pain. About that time there were also two older starved horses left in the kill pen. If my friend could make room for Pippin (new name) then the rescue would be able to pick up the oldies. My mom loved to rescue. One of her favourites was a little appy mare. So in the blink of an eye this little spotted king made his way to my friend's house. He had an amazing start from Pony Up. Now he gets the chance to to find his niche. He can take as long as he needs. More to come on my amazeballs friend and what they have been up to. 

* all these photos are from the kill pen before he came home with PU

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  1. I don't know if my comment went through. I've been having problems with blogger. I'm so happy for Pippin. He's lucky to have found you, your friends and the rescue. I'm glad his other testical dropped. My friend lost her stallion in as cryptorchid surgery... :-(